NetVu diagrams all paths to multiple network destinations. NetVu is a feature of the Business and SupportPro editions.

NetVu shows high-level view of all network routes for open trace reports, and enables you to easily identify network nodes that are common to multiple routes, and view network routes that have multiple path options determined by load balancers or router configurations.

NetVu automatically generates an accurate network topology of public and/or private network routes, identifies critical points of failure caused when multiple routes share common routing devices, identifies traffic balancing devices, and shows all logical and physical paths to traced destinations. By seeing multiple networks in a single diagram, NetVu helps you to consistently monitor network routes and locate single points of failure. The diagram updates whenever a new trace is performed, when used with the continuous trace option you can easily check the health of your network by viewing changes in the routing diagram.

NetVu diagrams all paths to multiple destinations

A mouse-over any node circle will provide performance detail for that hop, including average response time in milliseconds, the minimum and maximum response time in milliseconds and the packet loss percentage. A click on one of the nodes will highlight in blue every current route that passes through that node, as shown above. The flame symbol in the image above indicates that a firewall could be blocking VisualRoute's ICMP/UDP packets.

See the OmniPath information for additional reporting of multiple IP paths and connection performance.

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