OmniPath performs multiple route discovery and displays all paths to a network destination, reports the performance for each individual route. OmniPath is a feature of the Business and SupportPro editions.

NetVu shows high-level view of all network routes for open trace reports, and enables you to easily identify network nodes that are common to multiple routes, and view network routes that have multiple path options determined by load balancers or router configurations.

Today's common use of load-balancers creates multiple paths that data packets may travel between the source and destination. The standard VisualRoute report shows a single path taken by the packets on that particular test. However, in many cases this does not provide complete picture of network route as there may be many possible paths due to the use of load balancers. OmniPath discovers the various paths, enables you to easily see which routes are the fastest/slowest, have the highest/lowest packet loss, or have the highest probability.

OmniPath discovers all routes to a destination

Each column of dots represents the various paths that data packets may follow from the starting point (your computer or a Visualware server location) to the end location. The color of the node circle represents amount of packet loss, a green circle indicates little or no packet loss and minimal latency. A mouse-over any node circle will provide performance detail for that hop, as shown in the white box above the fifth hop in the diagram above.

See the NetVu information for additional reporting of multiple IP paths and network performance.

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