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Access Series

This documentation applies to all MCS Access Series devices, namely AccessCT-1, AccessCT-2 and AccessCM.

An MCS Access Series device is an automated connection quality testing client and also a quality testing server in the case of an AccessCM.

MCS Access Series devices are able to un the following test and monitoring types: MySpeed (Application Speed only), MyVoip, MyCapacity (UDP), MyRoute, DNS, FTP, HTTP, Ping.

When an MCS Access Series appliance is configured for a valid installed and licensed MyConnection Server it will appear as a listed resource in the 'MCS Access Series' section in the MyConnection Server administrative section.

To view connected MCS Access Series devices click the connected devices link in the administrators section as shown on the right..

Permitting an Access Device

When a new MCS Access Series device makes contact with MyConnection Server it will appear in this section.

The status of each device is shown in the Status column, shown in the image on the right.

This shows whether a device is connected, awaiting permission or permitted but not connected.

When you opt to permit an MCS Access Series device you have the choice to assign it to a group and give it a preset workload.

To create a group simply enter a group name in the add group section in the image above and then click the create group button.

Clicking the permit link will launch the dialog box shown on the right.

The permit link can be found at the very end of each row in the table of MCS Access Series devices shown on the right..

Access Series Options

The numbers above are explained below:

(1) Rename - Each MCS Access Series device in a group can be given a unique name. If at any point you want to add/rename an appliance simply click the rename link and enter a new one.

(2) Remote Agent Workload - this identifies the workload that an appliance is currently working through. Clicking on an RA link will allow you to alter the current workload or add more tasks. Note: As you can see above all three appliances are running the accessjp RA workload. If the accessjp workload is altered then it will affect all the appliances running that workload.

(3) Permit/Deny - If at any point you want to deny an appliance access to the server simply click the deny link. Clicking the permit link will give you the option to move the appliance to a new group or assign a new RA workload.

(4) Global changes - Next to each appliance (to the left) is a check box. To alter more than one appliance at a time use this section. Simply check the appliances you want to change then either permit/deny, move group, change RA workload or advanced. Clicking advanced will give you the options below: To change a setting simply check the relevant box then change the value to a new value. When you are done click the apply changes button. Note that this will only apply changes to the appliance(s) you have selected.


Advanced Settings

To get to the advanced settings simply check the box next to the MCS Access Series devices you want to change and the click the advanced link, as shown in the image above (4).


What do the lights on the MCS Access Series box mean?

Normal MCS Access Series/CM Led states

Red LED - State.

Flash period (ms) Flash Interval Status

2 sec on - 2 sec off Application is running and is idle.
512 256ms on - 256ms off Application is running and is contacting the server for work order.
256 128ms on - 128ms off Application is NOT running - boot loader is running and is waiting for commands from configurator.
128 64ms on - 64ms off Application is running and is executing its work order.

Green LED - Link/Rx

Light Behavior Flash Interval
Generally On

Ethernet Link Up
Off Ethernet Link no detected
Blinks with receive activity

Yellow LED - DHCP/Tx

Flash period (ms) Flash Interval Status

128ms on - 128ms off Attempting to acquire IP address by DHCP
Generally On n/a Using IP address acquired by DHCP
Generally Off n/a Using static IP address set in the unit configuration.
Blinks with transmit activity

Special LED sequences

Automatic firmware update is in progress - Repeating 2048ms sequence is:

    All off for 512ms
    Red only on for 512ms
    Green and Red on for 512ms
    Yellow, Green and Red on for 512ms

Request to set factory default configuration has been acknowledged.
(Unit has been powered up normally, then reset button depressed for more than five seconds) Repeating 512ms sequence is:

    All leds on for 64ms
    All leds off for 448ms

Power On Self Test (POST) failure

    All LEDs On, then...
Repeating sequence (Green and Yellow LEDs On), Red led flashes 'error code' times then Red LED off for half a second.

    Error code 4 = Configuration memory bad
    Error code 5 = Ram test failed


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