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Understanding Internet Speed Test Results
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Oftentimes speed test results show 'fast' speeds in a connection test, however the user experiences poor performance when using Internet applications -- this paper explains why.

Resolving Last Mile Connection Speed Problems -- Traffic Congestion vs. Traffic Control
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This paper analyzes last mile connection problems and how they relate to network congestion and network traffic regulation.

Never Mind the Connection Speed, Measure the Connection Consistency!
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This paper explains how connection consistency impacts connection performance, and provides analysis of several MySpeed graphs showing data transfer delays.

Quality of Service

MySpeed products report the Quality of Service (QOS) of a network connection. Read this explanation of what QOS is and how it is derived in MySpeed products.

Quality of Service - Why it Matters

The consistency of bandwidth capacity is key factor affecting the performance of web application delivery, particularly time-sensitive applications such as VoIP and multimedia. Read this practical explanation of why quality service matters.

Solving network problems with MCS

Restricted Connection Capacity by a Policy Based Event

Oftentimes a policy setting on a networking device can adversely affect service levels.

Identifying a Network Routing Problem

Many network problems occur outside the data center on the connection route.

Restricted Connection Capacity by TCP Window Size

A TCP window size that is too large or too small can cause data traffic bottlenecks and delays.

Recognizing an Over Utilized Network

Over-subscribed or utilized networks have an easily recognizable traffic pattern.

With more and more customers complaining about their online experience, is network monitoring up to the job?

In the digital era, consumers have more choice than was ever imagined a little over a decade ago. The well-worn phrase, 'competition is only a click away', defines the sentiment that reinforces the expectation of both consumer and supplier alike.

Do 'Network Monitoring' solutions Help or Hinder the Online Customer Experience?

Considering the very large investments made by businesses and service providers in network monitoring solutions, why is poor service quality still the number one complaint from online customers?

London Olympics traffic light policy changes exposes identical problems for Internet traffic

For those who have had the privilege of driving in London you will be only too aware that traffic moves at a snail's pace throughout the day and then slows down during rush hours. Traffic demand that exceeds the capacity of extremely narrow roads delivers the expected result of frustratingly long delays.

Does lack of Net neutrality destroy the benefits of network monitoring?

What is Net Neutrality? In simple terms it is the principle that all Internet users are equal and there are no restrictions imposed by Internet service providers on user's content, on the publisher or the content, on the usage of the content or performance of the flow of content.

Popular Myths about Internet Speed

Every time an advertisement for an Internet Service provider appears in the media, the focus is to aggressively extol the virtues of 'so many' megabits per second. These advertisements are designed to increase sales, playing to the Internet users obsession with 'speed'.

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