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Upgrading MyConnection Server on Mac OS X

1) STOP the MyConnection Server SERVICE.

Sub section menu:

STOP the MyConnection Server SERVICE.

This has to be done using the Terminal app provided by Mac OS X.

Browse to the MyConnection Server installation folder and then type:

sudo sh

This will stop the MCS service.

2) BACKUP (not required)

BACKUP the MyConnection Server installation directory.

All this requires is copying the root directory. For more information see "points of interest" at the bottom of this section.

3) INSTALL the new version of MCS.

Over installing will keep all exisiting settings and data.

The MCS SERVICE should AUTO START once the installation has been completed. If not see step 4.

If upgrading from MCS v9.6 or below we HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading up on SIGNED APPLET changes and why we use JAVA by clicking here.

4) START the MCS service

Once MCS has been installed it should automatically start the service and display the IP/Port it's running on.

If not use the sudo sh command via the Terminal app to start the service.

5) Notes of Interest

• MCS is intentionally designed to operate from within the root directory. (Please note you can copy the MCS root directory from a Linux or MAC platform to a Windows platform and run the Windows executable. Also note that once the root directory has been copied it's necessary to over-install to that directory for it to run correctly.)

• As the install directory can be copied, this obviously allows you to test the upgrade on a test server very easily before committing this to the production install.

• This process assumes that the install templates files have not been manually changed, upgrading will never overwrite any custom changes made unless these changes have been made to the master template files erroneously.

• The save copy of the MCS root install can obviously be used to revert back to the prior install quickly.


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