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Accessing an Audit report for a test

Step 1

An Audit report gives very detailed information every second of a test and is often requested by support staff for help diagnosing problems. This tutorial will show you how to get it.

For this example we'll be using a MySpeed test audit.

The process is the same for any test. So, first of all click on the Analysis tab from the MyConnection Server main menu.

Step 2

The Analysis tab will show each test type with two options for each,

Graph and Web. For the Audit report we need to choose Web. As shown on the right.

Step 3

The web reports are listed in table form according to the criteria set at the top of the screen, as shown on the right.

If an Audit report has been requested by support staff then it's normally in reference to a specific test you have done.

The third step is to locate this test in the table and click the time/date stamp next to that test, as shown on the right.

As mentioned above the list of tests can be narrowed down using the section at the top of the page.

Step 4

Once the date/time stamp has been clicked you are presented with a detailed summary of that test.

The start of this page will look similar to the image on the right.


Step 5

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page until you see the Test Audit Report heading.

Just under the heading will be a link named View Test Audit Report.

Click on this link.


Step 6

The audit report will look similar to the image on the right.

It's a very long, basic looking page but has all the metrics required to fully diagnose what happened during a test.

If requested by support staff simply copy and paste the entire page into an email, or a text file that you then attach to an email.



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