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Test & Result Customization/Creation

Branding test display
Combining Tests
Creating a Custom Monitoring Test
Creating a Custom Test
Creating a Custom DNS Test
Creating a eMail Results link after the test has finished
Creating a Session ID (SID) to identify test results
Customizing presented results

Access Series

Add an Access Series device to MyConnection Server
Creating a work order for an Access Series device
Customizing the applet for an Access Series device
Removing metrics from an Access Device applet
Setting up a unique configuration directory for one or more Access Devices
Setting up an Access Series device for a DHCP network
Setting up an Access Series device for a Non DHCP network
Updating Access Series firmware (Config Utility)
Updating Access Series firmware (Web)

Remote Agents

Create a Remote Agent
Creating a Remote Agent then adding a second test to the workorder
Install a Remote Agent
Publish a Remote Agent
Remote Agent testing to a Satellite Server/Access Device
Run a Remote Agent as a service
Send Results from a Remote Agent running on an Access Device to a different MCS server
Uninstall a Remote Agent

NetQCheck (NQC)

Deploy an Android NetQCheck Agent
Install an NQC Agent on Linux


Publishing Tests

Publishing a custom test page
Publishing a test to an existing page
Setting the MCS home page to show a published test
Setting the MCS home page to show a published test (v9.4k and above)


Accessing an Audit report for a test
Creating and using a Custom Web Report
Displaying results from the database using a URL string
Review Monitoring Results
Review Test Results
Save Custom Reports
Setting a Custom Filter
Setting Thresholds
Show Data by Thresholds
View Web Report Data


Add a permitted domain
Create a New User
Entering a license key
Restricting the MCS Main Menu to Admin users only
Setting the IP and Port for MCS
Setting IIS to work as a reverse proxy

Using SQL

Configure a MySQL Server
Deliver results to a MySQL database

Mirror Networks & Satellite Servers

Creating a Mirror Network
Deploying a Satellie Server
Joining a Mirror Network

Alerting & Email Templates

Add an Alert (generic)
Adding an Alert to Trigger an Email based on test results
Create a New Email Template


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