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Review Test Results

Step 1

Firstly click on the Analysis tab in MyConnection Server, as shown in the image below.

This tab displays all the testing and monitoring plugins. The top section are the testing plugins.

To review the results of a testing plugin simply click the Graph or Web link next to your chosen plugin.

Step 2

The web view is a tabular view, as shown in the image below. The web view is useful as it allows you to quickly export the results to either text or Excel format. This allows you to make more use of the results shown.

The graph export view will launch the Analysis Toolkit which has many features for analyzing your results.

Step 3

An example of a graph view is shown in the image below.

When viewing results the Analysis Toolkit is used. If you want to view more than one plugin at once or would like to view a graph or threshold view then you can use the buttons shown below.

Modify will allow you to add/remove plugins from the results and the View buttons allow you to change between table, graph and thresold.

These options are explained in the Analysis Tookit section of the manual.


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