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Publishing a custom test page

Step 1

Click the publish a new test option from the main MyConnection Server menu.

Step 2

Click the On a Web Page button.

Step 3

You can choose from either the predefined tests (top half) or a custom test.

Your choice here will determine which tests are run on the newly published page.

Step 4

For each of our plug ins we have some featured templates that you may want to employ.

If you aren't sure what you want yet you can just choose the standard templates and customize your applet later.

Step 5

When the template options have been chosen you then have to give your new test a name to publish it with.

NOTE: It is possible to have a published test appear as the main page of your MyConnection Server. For example if you have your server set up at it will currently have the full MyConnection Server menu.

By setting the publish name as "/" (excluding the quotes) then the test you have just published will appear instead of the MCS main menu.

In order to access the main menu in this situation you would need to add /myspeed/admin on to the end of URL string, for example

You can either choose to publish the new page on MyConnection Server (first option) or you can serve the page from a third party web server (second option). If you want to serve the page on another web server then a zip file is created containing all the files you need.

Step 6

Once the page has been created you will either get a link to your new page or, if you have chosen to serve the page from a third party server, you will get a download link to a zip file containing all the files you need.


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