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Create a Remote Agent

Step 1

Click the Create RA link in the Administration section.


Step 2

This is where you decide which test(s) you want the remote agent to run.

This can either be a pre defined test or a custom test (Creating a custom test).

Step 3

The next step is to choose how you want the remote agent to run. The two options are:

Continuously perform connection tests at regular intervals - This will cause the remote agent to run the chosen test(s) at regular intervals (user defined) until it is manually shut down by either the user or the server.

Run test a number of times, then stop - This will cause the remote agent to run a number of tests and then either shuts down or waits for further instructions from the server. The number of tests, interval time and what to do when finished are all user defined.

Step 4

The next step is to publish the remote agent so it can be deployed to the server you want to test to.

Remote agent name - Enter a name to help you identify this remote agent. This name will be used throughout MyConnection Server to refer to this agent.

Download URL - You can either choose to serve a web page for customers to download the agent or if you want to serve the page on a third party web site then you can have MyConnection Server create a zip file with all the files needed to do this.

Results Tag - There are three options for tagging results (to make identifying the results in the database easier). The options are either tag all the results from the remote agent with the clients machine name or prompt the user to enter information to be used for tagging, for example their name, or you can choose your own identifier to tag the results.

Once you are done click the submit button to finish.

You will then get a page with a link to the page you have created or the zip file if you chose to publish on a third party server.



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