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Publishing a test to an existing page

Step 1

Click on the View Published tests link in the tools section of the testing tab.

Step 2

Click the Intergrate connection test into exisiting web page (advanced) link.

Step 3

The next step customizes the <applet> code you need to copy and paste into your exisiting web page.

To do this you have to

a) Choose a test you want the applet to run from the drop down menu (shown below). This can be a standard test or a custom test you have created.

b) Choose an applet configuration. If you have created a specific applet configuration then you can choose that here. If not the default can be used.

As you change these settings the applet code in the yellow box will change to what you need. When you are done simply highlight all the code in the yellow box and copy and paste it into your web page.

NOTE: You will need to add you web site you are serving the applet to in your permitted domains list before it will work.


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