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Add an Access Series device to MyConnection Server

Step 1

NOTE: Your Access Series box will only appear in MyConnection Server if it has been configured to do so.

Setup instructions can be found in the "Setting up an Access Series device for a non DHCP network" tutorial or "Setting up an Access Series device for a DHCP network" tutorial.

Once this has been done continue with this tutorial.

Click the connected devices link.


Step 2

The Access Series box you have configured should appear in the New Access Seriess section.

The new Access Series needs to be permitted to connect to MyConnection Server.

To do this click the permit link.

Step 3

To complete the process click the Permit button.

Step 4

Now the new Access Series has been permitted. As you can see in the image below its status is still not connected. This is because the Access Series is not currently performing any work orders.

To assign a work order to your Access Series you have to create a new remote agent containing the tests you want to perform. If you already have a remote agent set up then you can simply check your Access Series and choose the remote agent from the drop down menu, also shown below. If not then follow the Creating a work order for your Access Series tutorial.



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