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Creating and using a Custom Web Report

Step 1

From the MCS Main Menu, Select Tools, New Report, as shown below. This will be found under the Analysis tab.

Step 2

Sroll down to the Custom Reports section, enter a new custom report name and click the Create button.

Step 3

The General settings area is used to further customize the report.

- The first two text boxes are for naming and description, to help identify the report.

- The Choose a test this template will be based on drop down is if you only require results from a specific custom test/remote agent. If this is the case then select the custom test/remote agent at this time.

- Specfic search criteria allows the user to define a specifc IP address, DNS name or Session ID for the results.

- Advanced search options allow the user to go even deeper and base results on specific result variations. The Help link within MCS will pop up the available options.

Step 4

The next step requires the user to choose the results required for the custom report. In this example the MySpeed (Bandwidth) plugin was chosen and the download and upload speed results were specified.

Once all test options have been chosen click the Save Template button at the bottom of the page.


Step 5

The newly created custom report will now appear in the custom list.

To use the report simply choose one of the standard hyperlinks (all last hour, all last day etc.), or click on the Custom link to create a custom time frame.


Step 6

The example below shows the custom report in action for the "all last day" option.



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