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Install an NQC Agent on Linux

Step 1

Download the latest NetQCheck (NQC) kit.

Contact sales for information on how to do this.

Step 2

Install the downloaded executable and then browse to the /platforms/ folder.

Unzip the file.

Step 3

Now browse to the /platforms/Linux/NetQCheck/Linux folder.

This contains a file called NQCAgent, this is required.

There are three files that end in ",a", shown on the right. Copy the one that matches the system the agent is to run on. If unsure just copy all three and the agent will choose the correct one.

Copy this file to the required directory on a Linux machine.

Step 4

Add execute permisions using command line 'chmod +x NQCAgent' as shown on the right.

Step 5

Start agent. Example parameters shown on the right.

./NQCAgent [MCS] [options]

[MCS] = IP or domain URL for a valid MyConnection Server URL

-i = sets local endpoint IP address (default any/all, if platform supported)

-p = sets the IP port for the management web interface (default 8080)

-u = sets a unique name for the agent

-n = generates the NQCuniqueID from the string provided instead of the MAC address (allows multiple agents on one platform)

Step 6

Once the agent is running it's necessary to grant permission it can communicate with MyConnection Server.

From the MCS Main Menu choose "Connected Devices", as shown on the right.

From there locate the unique name (this was set in step 5 using the -u trigger). This will come under the "Internal Name" column heading, "nqctest" in the example on the right.

Next click the permit link to allow the NQC Agent to communicate.

Step 7

Once running it's also possible to change settings from the web interface.

This can be accessed from a browser using the IP address and port set in step 5.

Some examples of what this will look like are shown on the right.


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