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Adding an Alert (generic)

Step 1

Click the Configure Alerts link in the Administration section of the MyConnection Server (MCS) main menu.

Step 2

Enter a name for a new alert and click the Create button.

Step 3

The next step is to choose the type of alert and what scenario will trigger the alert.

The options further down the page will change depending on which alert trigger is chosen.

Step 4

For this example all options were checked and Download Speed/Qos were chosen from the Quality test list of parameters.

The alert trigger in this scenario was "When a test is performed which meets certain criteria".

The light blue section is where user input is required. When an option is checked the resulting user input will appear in this section.

The blue hyperlinks either offer a way to view more documentation or alernate options, such as and/or/less than/more than.



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