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Customizing presented results

Step 1

This tutorial is for help customizing what the user sees. For example you can remove certain metrics from various tabs and even remove the tabs themselves.

Click on the View Published Tests.

Step 2

Click the Create an Applet config file manually (advanced) link.

Step 3

Click the modify link next to the published page you want to alter.

Step 4

There are various customizable options for you to choose from. The global display, operation, message and language options are found in the first section.

Step 5

An example of some display options are shown below in fig 5 (found in the Operation and display option section).

You can simply check or uncheck the tabs you want to display, as shown below. You can also choose to display no tabs at all if only one tab is available.

Step 6

In step 5 above you will see various options that represent the plug ins.

To make more custom changes simply expand the section for the plug-in(s) you have chosen. The example on the right is for adding/removing data displayed in the main MySpeed tab.

As you can see it is as simple as removing or adding text from the text box that relates to various metrics.

When you have made all the changes you want click the save changes button.

Now when you view your published page you will see the changes you have made take effect.


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