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Combining Tests

Step 1

This tutorial is for combining two or more tests into one applet.

Click on the Manage Custom tests link as shown on the right.:

Step 2

Enter a new custom test name and click the create test button as shown on the right.:

Step 3

When choosing the tests you want simply check more than on to combine tests.

As you can see below in fig 3 both IPTV and Speed tests have been checked.

Choose the order you want the tests to be performed in and then click save test, as shown on the right.

NOTE: The number of tests you can choose are defined by your license key.

Step 4

Once the test has been saved it will appear in your test overview, as shown below. To see how the test will look when published click the run test link next to your new test, again shown on the right.


Step 5

As you can see below the applet has an IPTV and Speed tab. When the test is run both tests will be performed.


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