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Displaying results from the database using a URL string

Step 1

Open a browser and enter the URL shown on the right. Substitute the address of the MyConnection Server installation being used, for example

A list of valid ID's are below:

-1 = VoIP
-2 = Speed
-3 = Route
-4 = Video
-5 = IPTV
-6 = Quality
-7 = Capacity
-11 = HiSpeed
-12 = Firewall
-13 = PLC

Step 2

The first parameter is templateid. This tells the database which test type is required.

In this case it's -2 which is MySpeed. So all the results will be MySpeed results.

Step 3

The second parameter is fromrecordid. This represents the record id/test number in the database.

Every test performed has a record ID/test number.

The number specified here instructs the database to show all results from that ID number and above.

So in this example nothing below record ID 500 will be shown.


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