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Setting up a unique configuration directory for one or more Access Devices

Step 1

In normal circumstances an Access Series device would get the list of pages to publish from the Default folder in the /MyConnection Server/www/hbss/ directory.

It's possible to create a number of folders in this directory and point Access Devices to each one.

So the first step is to create a new folder in this directory. The image on the right is using File Explorer for Windows, the full path is shown at the top.


Step 2

Once a new folder has been created it's time to point an Access Device to the new configuration folder.

To do this go to the list of Access Devices (Connected Devices link under the Administration section of the MCS main menu).

First check the Access Device required and click the Advanced link.

Step 3

At the bottom of the resulting page will be a Change AccessCM server configuration option. Check this and then choose the new folder name from the drop down menu. If the new folder isn't showing try restarting the MCS service.

Once done click Apply Changes.

As the note on the right says, it can take a few minutes for the changes to take place as it has to wait for the device to connect to the server.

Step 4

The next stage is to publish the tests required to the new configuration folder.

Note that only .HTML and .BIN files are supported in the configuration folder. More file types will be supported in the future for greater customization.




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