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VisualRoute offers a wide variety of network tools that help users keep one step ahead of network issues such as bottle necks and packet loss/latency issues.

The tools includes:

•  Continuous trace routing
•  Reverse tracing
•  Response time graphing
•  Port Probing
•  Network scanning
•  Trace route history
•  Side by side trace route comparison
•  Route analysis (NetVu)
•  Custom maps
•  Remote access server
•  Save traceroutes as text, image or HTML

VisualRoute Business and Support Pro editions allows the user to run a remote access server.

From this portal a user can run a trace route, plot response times and manage remote agents from anywhere in the world.

View a trace route in a different way, using VisualRoute's route graph view.

This view concentrates on the response times of each hop throughout the route and is a great way to quickly see how any given route is performing.


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